Our core of business is preventive maintenance of process equipment, structures, buildings and vessels. Well planned and realized preventive maintenance can save you millions a year. Our aim is to save you the money with our expertise and products.

Our products include equipment for monitoring, measuring, controlling and protection. Services include electrochemical corrosion measurements for optimizing various processes and for example automatization of chemical feeds to save expensive chemicals. Founders and our experts have over 30 years of experience in the field of electrochemical corrosion prevention. We offer this experience and our products at your service.

  • MECO - products for measuring corrosion and process conditions and for automatic continuous on-line monitoring
  • MICO - products for minimizing corrosion by measuring and controlling corrosion prevention equipment
    • corrosion prevention in processes and process equipment for example by optimizing inhibitor and other chemical feeds
    • inhibitors for corrosion prevention
    • cathodic protection by impressed current or sacrificial anodes for seawater systems like ships, ferries, platforms, power plants
    • antifouling in seawater systems, cooling water circulation etc.
  • VICO - graphic program to visualize monitoring in process
  • Consulting and planning in corrosion prevention

All our daily tasks and development activities are very much customer-oriented.

That makes it natural for us to offer you problem-solving services and equipment fitted just for you.